Rostock Pro E3D and BLTouch Effector



Update 17032019:

As was mentioned in the comments i have now tweaked the BLTouch height by 0.5mm and just tidied a few other bits up. Also added a new version that was requested without the BLtouch.

Rostock Pro Effector Without BLTouch

Update 25082017:

Slightly updated and improved V6 fan duct, same name as previous one just marked as version 2. Changed the exit angle and overall length as well as just tidied it up a bit, should work better.

Apologies managed to upload the old effector & standoff stl’s by mistake that is now fixed.


Delta printer End Effector that uses the Original SeeMeCnC injection molded Cup and ball arms.
I use this on my custom Delta as i liked the simplicity of the SeeMeCnC parts as well as their price.

Also using the BLTouch means that changing build plates doesn’t require any additional setup and has proven to be very reliable.

Different fan ducts included as well as a BLTouch standoff so that you can either use an E3D V6 or Volcano block.

Hopefully you may find it useful.



1 x 3010 Fan – Aliexpress
2 x 3010 Blowers BFB0312MA – Aliexpress
1 x BLTouch or 3D Touch – Aliexpress


13 x Small Plastic self tapping screws #4 ⅜”
6 x M3 washers

For E3D V6 Bltouch:

2 X M3x12mm Bolts
2 x M3 Nylocs

For E3D Volcano Bltouch:

2 X M3x22mm Bolts
2 x M3 Nylocs

For the 3010 Fan i used the Original screw fixings from E3D.

Enjoy :-)

Print Settings.

Printed in Real Filament Black PETG purchased from Amazon.

imageRostock Pro E3D and BLTouch Effector

Nozzle : 0.4mm
Layer Height : 0.3mm

Print Temp : 235°C
Bed Temp : 80°C
Print Speed : 60mm/s

Top Layers : 6
Bottom Layers : 4
Perimeters : 3

Infill : 30%

Printed on PEI.

Download Links.


Thingiverse – thing:2498362

MyMiniFactory – 3d-print-99786

Copyright Licence.


Rostock Pro E3D and BLTouch Effectorcopyright-bycopyright-nccopyright-sa




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