Creality Ender 3 Tusk Part Fan Nozzle


New Part Fan shroud based on the Tusk concept for the Creality Ender 3 or compatible printers ( CR10 etc.. ).


This type of part fan is more efficient and simpler than other designs because you can focus the air exactly where it is needed without resorting to needing multiple part fans or huge assemblies.


The tusks can be rotated easily to the desired position by using a pair of long nose pliers, the holes are positioned so the the center hole lines up exactly with the nozzle.

I have provided a small 3d printed jig to drill the holes in the correct position, also when the aluminium tubing is pressed fully into the jig this provides the length the tubing should be cut.


The Aluminium tubing can be cut with a small hacksaw or dremel.


The ends of the tubing can be crimped with a vice or pliers,  the end to crimp is the short end the long end presses into the fan shroud.


The aluminium tubing i used was just hobby stuff from ebay i got 3 lengths at 400mm in a pack for £6.42, it measures 4mm OD ( outside diameter ) by 3.1mm ID ( internal diameter ) and should be easy to get hold of.  I have provided an Amazon affiliate link below for the same item if that is easier.

Aluminium Tubing –  Amazon


Print Settings.


Printed in Sunlu Filament Black PETG purchased from Amazon.

Creality Ender 3 Tusk Part Fan NozzleCreality Ender 3 Tusk Part Fan Nozzle

Print Temp : 230°C
Bed Temp : 75°C
Print Speed : 60mm/s

Top Layers : 6
Bottom Layers : 4
Perimeters : 3

Infill : 100%

Printed on PEI.

Download Links.


Thingiverse –

MyMiniFactory –

YouMagine –

Pinshape –


Direct –

Copyright Licence.


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This design has a [Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike](Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike) license, which means that you can print, remix, and use this model with design credit to bobblejot, but if you want to sell something then you should ask first, at


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