@Sahil_no5 @77bergkamp19 @Afro3dP @AlkeshOne @apyrodesign @alienslacker @AntonMn…

@Sahil_no5 @77bergkamp19 @Afro3dP @AlkeshOne @apyrodesign @alienslacker @AntonMnsson @AbuzzDesigns @irblinx @Bill_Devine @PlasticSmithy @barb_3dprintny @breathe3dp @HorizonCSafaris @MCHRISP1 @KariLawler @catohagen @ChaosCoreTech @nerys Ah needed to modify the filament path for the gearhead gears 😞 so re-designed the parts again and printed them on my Prusa esque thing which is also down now with a blockage and my big delta is also in bits because i bought the @Think3dPrint3d Smart effector 😀

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