Bowden Clip

Simple Bowden Clip


Just small little Bowden clips which come in handy, remember seeing them before but couldnt find them again so quickly made up my own.


The one with the retainer comes in very handy.  Anyway i printed these in Taulmans 230 Nylon and they came out very well strong, tough and flexible.

Print Settings.


Printed in Nylon 230 from Taulman purchased from Amazon.

Simple Bowden ClipSimple Bowden Clip

Print Temp : 230°C
Bed Temp : 45°C
Print Speed : 50mm/s
Top Layers : 6
Bottom Layers : 4
Perimeters : 3
Infill : 100%

Printed Using a thin layer of PVA Glue on glass.

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Thingiverse –

MyMiniFactory –


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Copyright Licence.


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This design has a [Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike](Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike) license, which means that you can print, remix, and use this model with design credit to bobblejot, but if you want to sell something then you should ask first, at


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