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Modular Filament Rack


i needed some additional storage space so knocked up these quick parts to create a modular filament rack using easily available 19mm tubing from most hardware shops.

I bought 4 x 1800mm long 19mm diameter tubes at £8 a length from a well known UK DIY shop.

Requires M5x30mm Nuts and Bolts for the Joints.

** note **

Just as a thought the 19mm diameter tubing i bought ranged in diameter from 18.94 to 19.12mm, the part hole sizes are 19.2mm, on the machine i printed these with petg i get 0.1 shrinkage and so i wanted a neat fit. It would be best to check your tubing diameter before printing.

Print Settings.

Printed using Real Filament PETG in Black from amazon.

Modular Filament RackModular Filament Rack

Print Temp : 240°C
Bed Temp : 80°C
Print Speed : 70mm/s
Top Layers : 5
Bottom Layers : 4
Perimeters : 3
Infill : 30%

Printed on PEI.

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Thingiverse –

MyMiniFactory –


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