Bondtech BMG Style Geared Extruder



So i have decided to finish building my IDEX machine at the beginning of the new year and made the choice to use a direct drive Bondtech BMG and E3D V6 combo. My only issue was the Bondtech housing as i wanted something i could modify or mirror if need be.

This led me to design a simpler version of the housing from scratch which would allow me to make any changes i needed. I also removed all the injection moulding features and cutouts just to keep it as simple and easy to print as possible.

The body is slightly smaller than the original it was based off of, and the filament path is a bit tighter. The Inserted PTFE tube also goes further into the body on both sides.

There are versions for various fittings. And all are available in both left and right handed versions.

        • M12 press fit fittings
        • M8 BMG press fit fittings.
        • M6x1 threaded fittings
        • M10x1 threaded fittings
        • 1/4″ BSP threaded fittings.
        • 1/8″ BSP threaded fittings.

For the threaded versions i would print them at a lower layer height e.g. 160 micron or less.

Designed for 1.75mm filament same as original.

Extruder ESteps will need to be changed to 415.0

Original extruder can be found here:

Original Bondtech BMG

Hopefully you may find it useful.



I have provided Affiliate links to the items i used but you can get them anywhere you please.

1 Off each of the below items :

BMG Thumb Screw – Aliexpress
BMG Big Gear + Shaft – Aliexpress
BMG Pinion Gear – Aliexpress
M3 Square Nut – Aliexpress

1 Off each fitting of your choice.

BMG Embedded Fitting – Aliexpress
12mm OD 4mm ID Push fit fitting – Aliexpress

Or any other you prefer.

2 off each of the below items :

MR85ZZ ( W627-5 ) Bearings – Aliexpress
Collet Clip – Aliexpress


My little printable clips

For the Bondtech gears you have the Original gears from Bondtech which would be the preferred option.

Bondtech Original 1.75mm Gears

But as always there are now clones available which may also work.

Bondtech Clone 1.75mm Gears

The choice is yours but it is always preferable to support the actual original designers and developers of a product. But the choice is yours.

Enjoy :-)

Print Settings.

Printed in Real Filament Black PETG purchased from Amazon.

imageBondtech BMG Style Geared Extruder

Nozzle : 0.4mm
Layer Height : 0.2mm

Print Temp : 245°C
Bed Temp : 80°C
Print Speed : 50mm/s

Top Layers : 6
Bottom Layers : 4
Perimeters : 3

Infill : 30%

Printed on Buildtack.

Download Links.


Thingiverse – thing:3263791

MyMiniFactory –

YouMagine –

Pinshape –

Copyright Licence.


Bondtech BMG Style Geared Extrudercopyright-bycopyright-nccopyright-sa




This design has a [Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike](Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike) license, which means that you can print, remix, and use this model with design credit to bobblejot, but if you want to sell something then you should ask first, at


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