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Tools Required

  • This guide will take you through the entire process of how to disassemble the MK3/MK2.5 extruder, replace the printed parts B6 for B7, PTFE tube and assemble the extruder back. Note that MMU2 requires different PTFE tube.

  • 3D printed extruder parts were improved in order to achieve better cooling. More information including direct comparison can be found on our Prusa Research forum.

  • This update is recommended to all MK3 and MK2.5 owners before assembling the MMU2 upgrade.

  • All necessary parts are provided by Prusa Research in the MMU2 upgrade kit.

  • Parts printed by Prusa Research for the upgraded extruder are labelled B7, same parts are available to download with label R3.

  • This kit includes spare nuts, which might be difficult to retrieve from the disassembled extruder.

  • Your printer might be already upgraded to B7/R3 parts (see the forum for parts comparison). In that case you can skip to the next chapter </p

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