@3dprintnscan @GregsTheGreat @Afro3dP @77bergkamp19 @tr333d @crussty @apyrodesig…

@3dprintnscan @GregsTheGreat @Afro3dP @77bergkamp19 @tr333d @crussty @apyrodesign @AbuzzDesigns @HoworldLtd @irblinx @Bill_Devine @PlasticSmithy @barb_3dprintny @breathe3dp @MCHRISP1 @KariLawler @catohagen @ChaosCoreTech @nerys @choschiba @chimpusmaximus @Chompworks @ChelsC423 @SpannerHands3D You do if you know what you are doing and @Afro3dP does, also the choice of filament helps. It’s just experience and patience.

Source by Gareth


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